Monday, October 08, 2007

OM Gathering - Part 2

From previous post, it's all about dinner at " 源味烧烤火锅". Then this post, is all about having fun at '再回到從前' KARAOK but just 8 of us are going. Some people need go home early and some people got own programme.

*The first 5 who arrived there, (from left) Elsa, Christy, Sze Pau, Kwong Lin and Vivian~~

*Then me and Wei Sing~~ Where is me??

*Ah Q also reach there before us~~
(He din't join us for the dinner becoz he's going to a wedding dinner)

Where's the mic??? I want sing my song "為什麼相愛的人不能在一起" - 鄭源~~

*Oh, Christy and Vivian are singing now~~ Wei sing, don't smoke too much, it's bad for health!!

*It's me!!!

*Voice support from bamboo Sing

*Christy (the girl holding the mic) have the best voice among all of us~~

*Sze Pau, his voice allow him to sing girl song~~

*Me and Vivian singing the song from 張震嶽

*Eh Eh Eh!!! Don't kick me wor~~

*Ah Q, your action very cute lah!!

*Bamboo Sing is singing 屋頂 with Christy~~

*Do you people think I'm drunk?? If yes, then you're wrong!!

*Cam Whoring with leng lui~~ OMG, my face was so red, am i shy?? =p

*Q~~ Your face are so the red also!!

*We take this group photo before leave, and this will be shown in the video clip during our presentation!!!

*Oppss~~ Where are you, ah Q??

We played until 1.00a.m. like that. And guess what, some of my friend just reach, so me, wei sing and ah Q are going to continue at here. 3 crate of Heineken are waiting for us!!!

The Night is Still Young!!!