Monday, October 08, 2007

OM Gathering - Part 1

This semester, I'm taking a subject called "Organization and Management". This subject introduces students to the concept of organizational structure, strategy, culture, team development and external environment and the dynamic interrelationship between these concepts. To build up the relationship between all our member, we plan to organize a gathering for it. So, we decided to go eat steamboat at BDC. The shop name is called " 源味烧烤火锅".

We reserved the place 4 days ago because we scare no place, and they prepare four table for us. And we use almost half of the outdoor place because they put the 4 table together until so long. All of us asked for tom yam soup because very sien to eat the chicken soup flavour, bored with it already.

Pro chef in action (Group Input)!!!

*Mr. Bamboo Tan (Wei Sing)

*Miss. Gold Fish (Kim Yin)

*Shean Tyng , our assistant project team manager~

*@lex (the web manager)

*From left - right (Christy, Elsa and Vivian)

*Sze Pau and Kwong Lin

*Sherry ( Girl with white shirt)

*From left - right (Shean Tyng, Betram and Wee Khee)

The meal (Group Outputs)!!!

*Group outputs from different small group

*My Group Output

Cam Whoring Time!!!

*Can spot me out??

*Eat, Eat, Eat!!

*The Girls~~

*The Girls again!!!

*People Mountain People Sea

*I finish this myself, can you count it??

*hmm!!! Dessert time~~

*Me and Bamboo Sing~~

Group Photo!!! Click to enlarge~~

*Oi Oi Oi!! Where you people focus??

*Aiyo, focus wrong direction kok lah!!!

*Whr's our camera man??

*Yeah!! Finally, the IONIC group~~

So, these is all for dinner part!!! Let us proceed to next destination~~~

"再回到從前" Karaok