Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chipster {noTHing eLse maTTeRs} Contest

Do you eat chipster before??? If not, you should go to grab some from supermarket. Try it and join the online contest. To know more about this contest, log on to

Actually I wanted to post this few weeks ago, just that I'm too lazy to do it. Today is 29th of September already, just got 1 day left for this contest. So, I have to faster faster post this before it's too late, and I sacrifice 1 hour of my assignment time. Bo pien, this is because of the prize lor, so so so attractive.

*SYOK leh!!!

But I just summited 1 entry only because I really don't have much extra time for it, sigh~~~ And the voting is start from 1st of October to 15th of October. If you feel free, please drop by the web site and vote for me, ^^~~

*Yeah~~ @lex with the Chipster!!

For those who wan to take part in this contest, better fast fast lor, still got 1 day time. For bloggers, if you blog about your entry, you can have extra chance to win the the special prize because there is a "Bloggers-verse Bonus". Hope that I can win, =p~~


Beck Lim said...

但是 上载到一半就停了~

@lex said...

oh, so sayang!!! hmm, then u must vote for me lor!!!