Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CatsCity Clique - Part 2

OMG, I didn't update my post for so long, I think this post is already outdated lor. Haihzzz, although I'm having mid term break now, but I still have to summit 2 assignment during the break and study for my exam after the break. So hard baru found teok time to blog about the night after the CatsCity Clique .

So, it's dinner time. And we're going to have our dinner at TOPSPOT which located at Tapanga. I arrive there around 7.30p.m. and I saw steve and ahbao was at there already. Ya, and Naomi also. We wait for Jimmy and Irene first before we go in. When they reach, they bring us to find the table which is reserved by PlatinumGirl already. Because it was a rainy day, everyone is sitting inside so it's quite hard to find a place. Finally, we found PlatinumGirl and our table is near the no. 10 stall.

*We're going to order our dinner from ABC Seafood

After Josh has arrived, we start ordering the food. And there are many bloggers coming for the dinner, 20 of us including a baby (youngest blogger ^^).

*Baby Platinium
Hmm.. Let's see~~~

*Belacan Bidin & mixed Vegetables

*Butter Prawn

*Lemon Chicken

*Can someone tell me what's this^^ If not mistaken, should be called "Tek Tam"

*"O jian"

*Stupid Prawn

This stupid prawn is from Special BBQ. We kenak scam this shop because they just come to us and ask whether we want to order small BBQ prawn or not since that we got butter prawn already. So, we thought that it's just a normal BBQ prawn and we order for two table. When they bring us the prawn, we baru know that this is the SMALL BBQ Prawn they introduce to us. I get stunned a while when I looked at the bill. WTF!!!! 2.6 kg only but cost RM156!!! Stupid shop sell stupid prawn.... Nah, !@#$%^&, next time if I got go TopSpot again, thatt shop better don't come and ask me order, if not I suan them gao lak gao lak.

*!@#$%^&, WTF, KNNCCB, pukimak........

But bo pien also, we already order it, and we can't do anything also, just pay nia lor. And really have to thanks Josh for the dinner. We didn't manage to take the full group photo on that night, just have some rojak photos, let's take a look on the dinner photos that captured by me~~

*Josh lim and @lex lim

After the dinner, Josh went to play bowling with Rose gangz and me, ahbao and steve went to SOHO. So, this is the end of the CatsCity Clique. Thankz Advertlets and Josh for the day!!! Can't wait fr the next bloggers' gathering. Fast Fast come wor~~~