Monday, September 17, 2007

CatsCity Clique - Part 1

There was a Kuching Blogger's meet on last Saturday (15th September) at Starbucks KIA from 2.00p.m. until 6.00p.m. Guess what?? Josh from Advertlets was here also.

I reach there at about 2p.m. sth but I can see a lots of people are already there. So, I faster go to register myself and I get 2 Advertlets badge and a wristband. We use this to show the startbucks crew that we're blogger so that we can claim our drinks.

*People Mountain People Sea

*Can you find my signature?? ^^ (Click to enlarge)

*This is our free drink, Azuki. The taste is not bad!!!

Like this kind of gathering, sometimes our eyes will be very painful because almost everyone is starting to cam whoring with their camera or hand phones, and the flash light is always flashing like non stop on hit. ^^So, this is what we called BLOGGERS lor^^

*This photo is needed for my assignment (Organisation and Management Website)

*The characters inside the poster is so cute, Meow!!!

Yaya, what's the interesting part part in this game?? It's called Advertlets Trivia!!! That's mean question and answer time. And the price is so attractive--> 1st prize (Rm250), 2nd prize (RM 150), 3rd prize (RM100), all sponsored by Advertlets. Many of the bloggers are taking part in this game.

*Advertlets Trivia time!!!

Actually the questions about Advertlets was quite easy, but I can't manage to answer most of it because my respond was too slow, everyone was so fast to rise up their hand to answer it. For the questions about startbucks, I just can see people answer it because I know nothing about starbucks. I manage to answer the last question and get only 1 point. Adrian and Naomi each person get 5 points and they have to 'Kum Chum' and only the winner will get the 1st prize. At last, Adrian is the one who get the RM250. Here's the result~~

1st prize (RM250) - Adrian

2nd prize (RM150) - Naomi

3rd prize (Rm100) - Aaron Chang

*Adrian and Naomi "Kum Chum-ing"!!!

And guess what?? For those everyone who manage to answer at least 1 question only also got consolation prize (RM50). I was so suprised because Josh only announce this after the games. Wow, I'm so lucky!!! Really want to thankz Josh and Advertlets. And there are 6 people who get the consolation prize.

Consolation Prize (RM50) -me (@lex), Billy, Daniel, Emory, Eve and Timothy.

Everyone is having such a fun time in this blogger's meet. You can see that chatting one chatting lah and playing one playing around lah, many things that you can read it on every blogger site under Catscity <-- Click this link!!!


*Acting as a walking advertisement

*Daniel (left) and ahbao (right) is playing around with the poster~~

*Guess who's hands is this??

And before this gathering come into the end, there was a lucky draw section. Josh will treat the 5 lucky person for the dinner. Hihi^^ it's was my lucky day, besides the RM50, I'm also 1 of the lucky person who get the luck draw. But unfortunately, not everyone who get the lucky draw manage to go for the dinner, so Josh decide to treat all of us who can go for the dinner. Wow, you're such a nice person lah, Josh. The most important part, group photo section. Yeah, thanks to Allen's camera remote controller. It make us easier to take the group photos, no one have to run from the camera.

This was the first section of group photo taking. We took this after the Advertlets Trivia before the lucky draw. And there are still got some bloggers which haven't arrive yet.

*Group photo from Allen camera~ (Click to enlarge)

*Everyone, lets say MeaoW!!! (click to enlarge)

For the second section, we took it before the event finish, and there are less people. And I copy this group photos from Anna blog. Did you people discover something, the group photos below are special, look at the bottom right corner. Ya, don't forget to enlarge it.

This gathering was successfully held, and really have to thanks Irene and Jimmy who done a lots of hard works to organized this gathering for Kuching bloggers. Besides that, I want to thanks Pazuzu for picking me up that day also. Ya, the last but not least, have to thanks the sponsors, Advertlets and Starbucks. Erm.. Did I miss out someone?? Yeah, is Josh~~ Thanks a lot Josh!!!

*Freebies (2 badges from Advertlets and a wristband from


jimmychin said...

wristband is one... wakkakaa

jimmychin said...

wristband from catscity... wakakkaa

Jian said...

didn't manage to go..
seem like fun ler...

@lex said...

(jimmy) whoppss, pai seh, mistake ki~~ K, I'll wil correct it in my post, wakakaka~~~

(jian) Ya, it was fun~~ fast fast come back!!! dn woli lah, nex time sure got chance de kok, hihi~~ Do u realize the character on the poster~~ Why don have akiraceo hor ~~ =p

annna said...

alex.. i sent the pics to ur hotmail but it went back to me. Got gmail?

Y not click on the pichas on my blog, click to enlarge. Hehehe.. just got the my watermark on it le.. BUT got cuties on it too. Hhahahaha

@lex said...

(annna) Erm.. i oledi copy the one from ur blog~~ I juz wan the original one for keep only~~ hahaha!!!

Beck Lim said...


jimmychin said...

@lex, enjoy tat day rite... :P

@lex said...

(beck lim) hahaha, for garhering mah~~~

(jimmychin)sure enjoy lor~~ YA, when's the nex gathering, hahaha~~~