Monday, September 17, 2007

Spot the different

So, now is 7.20a.m. in the morning. So, let do another short posting before I go to Zzzzz. Last Friday I went for hair cut, and for sure, I went to the same saloon again which is "George Hair & Beauty Saloon". After that, I went to Swinburne to meet my friends. And these are some of the feedbacks from my friends

"You got cut your hair meh??"
"Why your hair wu ga kana bo ga ane?? (got cut same like no cut)"

"Diaozzz, lu ga hamit mo (you cut what hair)"

and bla bla bla~~

So, I let you see the before and after photo, and tell me what you think!!!

OMG, it's 7.40a.m. already, I think I'm gonna to sleep liaw~~ And I'll update the post regarding CatsCity Clique later after I come back from my dream. I think it will probably at noon time, so the schedule for today.

Wake up at 12.30p.m. -> Lunch -> Update post (blogging) -> Assignment


T.P. said...

omg man..ur hair looks the same cut o not? XD

@lex said...

Hihi, i got cut leh~~ But many of my friends also thought that i din cut it~~

fattien said...

One darker and one brighter. Try to high light your hair.

@lex said...

(fattien) actually tat's just the lighting effect while i'm taking the photo.. I jus cut short my hair only~~