Monday, September 17, 2007

Suffer after Enjoy!!!

Now is 6.30a.m. in the morning, i didn't sleep for whole night already because I woke up on 12.30p.m yesterday. So, I take this chance to update my post but i start it at around 2.00a.m. And guess what, I read other people's blogs for about 4 hours before I start my posting.

I should have do all this in the afternoon but I'm just spending my whole day time by doing nth except for going to support my friends in their basketball match in the afternoon.

*My friend, Steven was lying on the floor after winning the match. Good luck in next match!!!

But this is not what I'm going to talk about in this post. This post is to shows my regretfulness on what I had done. What to do, who ask my buttock itchy ah, keep on doing things on the last minute.

For the past few weeks, there are many things which I can do such as doing my assignment, study for mid term exam. I keep on promise myself must do all these things every week but i keep on skipping myself from doing all these things by giving myself a stupid reason which is "I'm tired, rest (sleep) first" before I'm gonna to start doing each of the things. And when me wake up, it's the time to going out again. After going out for whole day, when back to home, the same reason again. And this keep on repeating everyday.

And now, mid term exam coming, assignment due date coming, and many things again. I have to do all of it in the same time, haihzzz~~ So, there is totally no time for enjoyment already, I have to start suffering. What to do, who ask my time management so noob ah. So, from today onward, later when me wake up (should be noon time liaw), I'll start doing my assignment already. If not, I'm going to die!! x_X

21 September (Thursday) Ecard presentation!!
22 September (Friday) Mid term test (Internet 2 and Marketing concept)

This week, I think I totally no need sleep liaw, sure have to do the assignment and study until very late. Bo pien, past few weeks sleep too much already, so this might be a karma for me. And next week is mid term break, can't enjoy too much also, because much more assignment and test is coming after the break. God Bless Me PLZZZZ!!!