Monday, May 05, 2008

Gabby's 21st Birthday

Last Saturday Night, I was invited by Gabby to her 21st birthday party at "Tian Shun Restaurant" (BDC Seafood Restaurant). Many of her relatives and friends were there for her birthday.

*At 3rd floor of "Tian Shun Restaurant"

*Want to sing??? There's KARAOK here also!!!

So, let me show you who's the birthday girl~~~

*Her birthday cake!! 21 years old lor~~

*So, here she is. Gabby (left) the birthday girl. Beside her is Indah, her best friend.

And here's some photos her birthday party!!! And you can see that so many people was there, especially her relatives.

Gabby's Family

*The three sister!!!

Gabby's Relatives

Gabby's Friends

Everyone was so enjoy during the night. Instead of having the buffet dinner, we still can sing or listen to other people sing. And we can see that the birthday girl very busy lor, keep on walk from this table to another table to talk to her relatives and friends. But bo pien lah, once a year nia, haha~~

*Singing birthday song, it's time to make a wish and cut cake. You can see the birthday girl too happy liaw, laugh until cant see her eyes.

*The birthday day girl is singing.

*'25 minutes' from Gabby's dad.

*Her cousin is singing too, their voice so cute~

*And this is vincent, he is the one who sing the most song during that night.

*Haha, can you discover me singing at the back there??

*Yeah, say cheese!!!

*All of us are from Swinburne!!!

After the party at BDC Seafood Restaurant, we still got next stop. It's the true party time, to SOHO we go!!!

*The second round starts at SOHO!!!


*Saad and Indah

*Patrick and Jolyn

*Our boss from Indonesia, Eko Haryanto

*Jolyn, why your reaction so weird!??

*Taking photos with birthday girl!!

*The ladies!!!

Actually, Gabby's birthday is on 5th of May, but she did it early on the weekend so that we can have so much fun throughout the whole night. And at here again, I want to wish her Happy Birthday again.