Monday, May 05, 2008


LEA Centre is having the their grand stock clearance start from last two weeks, and today is the last day. This mean that you can get any item with half price only. I bought some sports wears from there last weeks. And I found that there were so many people at there although the shop is going to close already during night time. Few days ago, I went back to there again to buy myself a court shoes. This sales is having on the right time because I always went to play badminton recently, at least 2 times a week to keep fit.

*Branch at Plaza Walk (Sarawak Plaza). Not much people during dinner time.

*RM50 for two Lotto shirts!!!

*RM40 for two Dunlop pants!!

*RM39 for this Dunlop court shoes.

Lea Center is having their sales at the right time because I always went to play badminton and futsal recently. And I spent about RM120+ only for two sets of sport wears and a court shoes. All the money I spent is the salary I get from Sibu Pikom PC Fair. With another badminton racket which cost RM90 that I bought at Arena Sports, I spent all my salary just for SPORTS. So, I really have to start saving now for my KK trip on this July.