Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go, Enjoy, Snap, Blog

This post is for entering the Go, Enjoy, Snap, Blog contest organized by and My Privilege Book.

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Have you people ever think about where should you go for shopping and dining?? This always come to our mind everyday, and sometimes, it's really hard for us to think a place to go during our daily life especially on weekends and public holidays. Although when we think about a place, the second thing to concern is the expenses or it is worth or not for us to spent on that certain things. When you concern about all these thing, then you will don't know what to do during your free time or for those who just go for window shopping, you sure will feel bored and sleepy at the shopping mall.

*Don't know what to do during free time??

*Feel bored and sleepy during window shopping??

Now, you no need to think about all these concern because starting from beginning of this year, IVOQ concept has launched My Privilege Book to every consumer. My Privilege Book is created to provide consumers a smart guide to dining, retail, entertainment and services in Kuching while enjoying great savings at the same time.

*My Privilege Book and My Privilege Card

And with My Privilege Card that attached to each My Privilege Book, you can enjoy extra privileges throughout the year, by receiving the latest updates, offers and happenings at all participating merchants. This mean you can getting additional discounts at no extra charges! So now, when you don't know where to go, just open My Privilege Book and look for places to go and you no need go for window shopping anymore because you can always get discount anytime without waiting for any sales carnival.

The merchant which inside the My Privilege Book is always the best for me and my friend. For me, I always went to Happy Valley (just located opposite Crown Square), which is one of the merchant in My Privilege Book. Because many of my friends have purchase the book, we can always go there for dining although we used some of the voucher already. We can always share the discount voucher in a single resit. There's three parts at Happy Valley, two at the front and one at the back. For me and my friends, different parts is for different purposes.

*Happy Valley, one of my favourite dining place!!!

*Happy Valley in My Privilege Book!!!

*This is what My Privilege Book offers you when you go Happy Valley!!!

For the front parts, there is left wing and right wing. We usually go left wing to dining and right wing for alcohol drinks because it's more expensive if you ordered alcohol drinks at the left wing. And for the table charge, everyone have to pay RM3 for a plate of tidbits if you're at the front parts. For us, we usually pay another RM1 and ask them to change the tidbits to French fries because it's more worth. Now, let me show you the left wing first where we always have our meals there.

*Nice Environment!!!

*The Interior~~

We always ordered the curry chicken rice of Happy Valley because it's delicious. And we will ordered Ribena Sprite if we didn't consume any alcohol drinks. Besides that, the BBQ meat such as BBQ Pork, BBQ Lamb and BBQ Beef is always our side dishes. Ya, don't forget French fries too!!!

*Ribena Sprite and Curry Chicken Rice!!!

*French Fries and BBQ Pork!!!

*BBQ Lamb and BBQ Beef!!!

*A place to enjoy your meals!!!

So, that's all for the left wing. Now, I will show you the back parts of Happy Valley first because I got more to talk about the right wing where we always be at there. Normally, we go to the back parts when we just go for "Lim Teh". Sometimes, we celebrate friends birthday at there also. Or, my friend sometimes will have some rest at there because the environment there was quite and peace. If not, that's the place for us to continue to drink our beer if the front part closed already. Normally in that situation, we will stay at there until 3am something with the permission of "Tauke Nio".

*Celebrating Birthday!!!

*Happy Valley back part, a nice place to relax and rest!!!

Now, I will bring you to the right wing of the front part. At least one time a week, me and my friends sure will go there. For what leh?? Hahaha, sure for Heineken time lor!!! Besides that, we always celebrate friends birthday at there also. When we think about a place for celebrating birthday, that's the place that always be the first that pop into our mind.

*This is the place I'm talking about!!!

*The best best place to celebrate birthday!!!

*Say "YEAH" to Happy Valley!!!

*This is what we done before at Happy Valley!!!

*Having so much fun at Happy Valley!!

Do you know why we always like to go Happy Valley?? There is something that we must know about Happy Valley also. The service were very good also. The waiters were always there to waiting to serve you. Other than that, if you have some doubt about your bill, you can always go to the counter to ask them, they sure will fix it for you if there's any mistake.

*They always standby to serve you!! And they're very kind to customers also.

*This is the one who very close with us, he's a such a friendly person.

*You can always go to the counter to ask if you have any doubt on your bills.. The one with the red shirt is Happy Valley "Tauke"!!! The "tauke" and the "tauke nio" are very kind to every people.

The merchant which inside My Privilege Book are all a nice place to consume as you can see Happy Valley as an example. So, what're you waiting for, if you haven't purchase My Privilege Book, you can always go to the website ( for more information and then find their agent to get one. Because this book is for you to BUY, ENJOY and SAVE.