Monday, April 28, 2008

Life at Sibu - Part 2

There is no much things can do in Sibu especially at night time because it's just a small town if compared with Kuching. In this post, I can show you where have I been when I was in Sibu besides than working at the PC Fair. First, I will show you the Sibu Gateway, this is the place where everyone can see when they are in Sibu. It just located at the center of Sibu. Beside it, you can also see a huge Swan Statue.

*The center point of Sibu~~ Sibu Gateway!!!

*The Swan Statue which beside the Sibu Gateway.

It's convenient for you to go from one place to another place when you're at the town area. Sometimes, walking still faster than using a transportation. At Sibu, I went to few markets of Sibu. One is called the Sibu Central Market which located at Channel Road. Another one is the Pasar Malam which located at Cross Road. Besides that, we cross by Sibu Ta Kiong Super Market also.

*This is the fresh market of Sibu. If i'm not mistaken, it should be called Sibu Central Market!!

*This is where the Pasar Malam, but it's just a parking place during day time.

*This is the Pasar Malam, I grab this photo from Google because I didn't went there at night.

*Ta Kiong Super Market

At the second day of the PC Fair, some of us went to Cross Road (where Pasar Malam located) to distribute the flyer. And I saw some Dalmation puppies for sales at the road side.

*The Dalmatian Puppies!!

*So cute!! Rite???

So, that's all for the daytime because we spent most of our time in the PC Fair. And now, I will show you some places we went to have our dinner which is Taman Selera Muhibbah and "Quan Jia Fook Seafood". Taman Selera Muhibbah is a place that just like our Kuching Open Air Market. There are lots of people who going there have dinner during the night time.

*Taman Selera Muhibbah

Next is "Quan Jia Fook Seafood". We went there during our last night at Sibu. And it just located near the place we live which is Oya Road. This is the place where our tauke bring us go and he ordered 6 dishes for us. Eight of us can't finish the dishes because it's too much. Including the drinks, it cost about RM160 only, so cheap!!!

*Quan Jia Fook Seafood"

*Everyone was so tired and hungry after the PC Fair!!!

*"Mani Cai" aka Cangkuk Manis

*Mix Vegetables with Sotong

*The "Ca Zhu" noodles, it cost RM5 only!!

*Yum Yum!!! It's Pork Leg, everyone's favourite~~

*Honey Fried Chicken

*"Nan Lu" Pork Ribs

*We try our best to finish it already but yet still can't!!!

Besides than eat, we also play Dota when we're at Sibu. We went to T One Cyber which located near the Rejang Specialist. That is the only cyber that we can found which opened 24 hours, the others all closed before 12am. The computers inside it was all in good condition, and the price is just Rm1.50 per hour, still cheaper than some cyber in Kuching.

*T ONE Cyber

*There are web cam and mic for every PC.

*Dotaing!! We play until 3am something for two nights.

So, this is our life at Sibu. Working, Eat, Play and Sleep, nothing much. There is no time for us to really go walk around Sibu Town because our time is limited as PC Fair start from 11am to 9 pm. If next time still got chance to go Sibu (although I don't really wish to go there anymore because of boredom), I will try to go more places and try more Sibu delicacies.