Monday, April 28, 2008

Sibu PIKOM PC Fair

The Sibu PIKOM PC Fair was on 18th - 20th April 2008 at Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre. We are there to promoting the Celcom Broadband and the USB Modem. The day before the PC Fair start, we went there to survey our booth, the place there was not bigger as Kuching PC Fair, the car park can only fit less than 100 cars. After we saw this situation, all of us were so worried because it's hard for us to reach our targets in such situation.

*Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre

*Huge Banner!!!

*The hall and the booth was so small!!!

On the actual day of the PC Fair, we reach there at about 10am. The fair starts at 11am, after we get the pass from the organizer, we went to the food court beside the trade centre to have our breakfast first. But there's not much to eat, what they have is "Kampua" only, and the worst is the "Kampua" is cooked halal and it's cooked by Ah Gua some more.

*No people is allowed to go in the Hall with this tag before 11am.

*Halah "Kampua" cooked by Ah Gua!!!

During the 1st and 2nd day of the PC Fair, there are not much people went to the fair. All of us was quite concern about it because it's impossible for us to reach our targets in such situation. Our targets is 100 customers, but we only manage to get 17 customers on the first 2 days.

*The opposite of "People Moutain people Sea"!! SWT"

*It's not that we wan to catch snake, but there no customers for us to serve!!!

On the last day of the PC Fair, luckily there is more and more people coming to the fair. We manage to get about 40 customers to register the Celcom Broadband in 1 days. This makes us reach half of our targets which is 50+ customers in this fair. And we're quite satisfied with this result in this kind of situation.

We close our booth at about 10.00pm although the Fair ends at 9pm because there is many people who come at the last minutes.

*End of the PC Fair, the place was so messy!!!

*Yeah!! Our job is done~~

*Celcom: "The POWER is in your hand"!!!

*Say bye bye to Sibu PIKOM PC Fair!!!

Finally, the PC Fair has come to the end, and this is also our last night at Sibu. We're going back to Kuching on the next day afternoon.