Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life at Sibu - Part 1

Once we reach Sibu, we went to the tauke brother's shop which near the night market first because we go the place we stay. At Sibu, Ah Wu drove his tauke brother's Pajero as our transportation. Luckily we using this big car because there is 7 of us.

*The Pajero is a bit small to fit us also~~

*This is the nigh market, but it's just a car park during day time.

*The big size guy with red shirt is tauke's brother.

*This fellow will die without cigarettes, hahaha!!!

After that, we went to the place we stay which is near the terminal bus station. Everyone feel so tired at that time so we decided to rest a while and go out around 6pm something. The worst thing is I thought that we're staying at the hotel so that I didn't bring my towel. But until here then I know that we just stay at some kind of apartment which above the shop house at Jalan Oya. Every two of us share a room. There is only two rooms that have bathroom, so me and Lucas take one, and Ah Wu take one while the others just take the rooms with beds only. So, we have to share the bathroom together.

*This is the bathroom, luckily it got heater because the air conditioned is too cold!!

At around 6pm something, we went to the PC Fair venue to survey our booth before we went for dinner. The PC Fair venue is at Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre which near their jetty.

*The Banner was so huge!!!

*But the Fair is so small, the hall is still smaller than our Kuching PC Fair Hall A.

After that, we went to the food court just beside the exhibition centre to have our dinner. We ordered "Mani Cai" (Cangkuk Manis), Bidin Belacan, ordered 'Kiam Hu Tu Bak' (Pork with salted fish), Fried Chicken with Prawn Sauce and Sweet and Sour Fish.

*'Kiam Hu Tu Bak', it just taste like Ginger Pork

*Fried Chicken with Prawn Sauce, we called it "NAN LU" at Kuching

*Sweet and Sour Fish

The total bill including our drinks is just Rm60++, it's quite cheap for 7 people. After that, we went to the centre point of Sibu because Ah Wu need to photostate the flyer for the PC Fair. At there while waiting for it, we took some photos in front the SWAN statue. Beside the statue, there are 12 animal statues from our Chinese Zodiac.

*Front view of the statue

*The Water Fountain

*This is some of the zodiac animals!!

*Vincent and his BROTHER!!!

When our flyer is done, we went to Wisma SanYan to walk walk. I have been here for 1 time only when I was in secondary school and and I found that it become more happening than last time.

*Wisma SanYan

*Inside the building

We leave there at around 10pm. After that, we went back to the our place, it's take only 10 minutes from he town area to the place we live. But for the first day, we already get lost for 3 times. But before we go back, we go EVERWIN to buy mineral water and some tidbits.

*EVERWIN Supermarket

*2 boxes of mineral water for 4 days

*The queue is so long, steven also pek cek liaw!!!

*So, this is the area we live~~

And finally, we get back to our name at around 11pm. With the towel I bought at Parkson in Wisma San Yang just now, I faster take my bath and take a rest.

*The towel I bought, RM15.90~~

*So 'SONG' after taking my bath~~

Before we sleep, we prepare all the things that need to use for the PC Fair on the next day. After that, everyone was hungry so we decided to find a place for dinner. All the shop close before 12am and finally we get to find a place just opposite the Sibu Gateway at town. At there , we scammed by people again because the supper we ate was too expensive and not worth for it. The shop name is called "Orient Canteen".

*From the left: French Fries, Fish Tauhu, Chicken Butt~~
All of these cost RM5 each, do you think it's worth??

*The face of "Bo Pien"~~ Kenak scam 2 times in the first day at Sibu.

So, it's end of first day, everyone was so exhausted, most of us straight go to sleep after we back to our room. But before we reach there, we lost again!!! SWT"""


ahlost said...

I've been to those places too 2 years ago.. hehehe...

Zigeunerweisen said...

I miss Kuok Wu!!! :D

send my regards to him can can?! can?~

@lex said...

(ahlost) I just been there for 1 time when i was in secondary school~~ THis is just the 2nd time~~

@lex said...

(zigenerweisen) OKOK, no prob!!!

Fabiola & Woon Yien said...

OMG!! kuok wu!! i miss kuok wu oso.. =(

@lex said...

wah, another who miss kuok wu kok~~ Why no ppl miss me 1, hahaha~~