Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SIBU!!! Here I come~~~

Last Thursday, I went to Sibu with other 6 of my friends (Ah Wu, Steven, Adrian, Vincent, Lucas and Wei Sing) to promote the Celcom Broadband at the PIKOM PC Fair. The night before, some of us still went to Ah Ti Cyber at 3rd miles to play Dota until 4am. When I reach home, I slept for a while and wake up at 6am to pack my stuff. We have to reach jetty at 8am to buy our ticket because the Express will depart at 8.30am. But all of us when to Chopstick Coffee Shop to have our breakfast before we go there. And we reach there at about 8.10am.

*This is our Kuching Jetty, located at Pending Industrial Area

*This is the tickets, Rm40 form Kuching to Sibu~~

*BYE BYE Kuching!!!

Inside the Express

*First class seat

*This is where we sit

*This is the emergency exit!! So small, don't know how the big size crawl out with this exit??

*Yeah, to Sibu we go~~ Count Down: 5 Hours!!!

*Everyone was so excited, hahaha!! Actually they are watching movie~

The express need to take about 5 hours to reach Sibu. And it's very bored in the express because there is nothing to do unless you want to watch the bored movie that shown on the TV. And the aircon was so cold also. So, if you want a comfortable express ride, you must bring a jacket, and headset for you to listen to the music in your handphone or stuck into your ears and sleep because the environment was too noisy covered by the engine sound. But for some of the people, cigarettes are needed just like us.

On the Deck

*This is how the deck looks like~~

*The deck can't fit too many people because it's the place to put all the passenger stuff~~

*The Express goes very fast when it's on the sea~~

*This is our Tauke, Ah Wu~~ Looks so cool!!!

*Everyone was holding the holder because it's to0 goyang~~

*But there are also some who 'be kia si' (tidak takut mati) try to dance on the deck~~

*This is how we light our cigarettes because the wind is too strong!!

When we were on the deck, we saw something funny, we found that there is someone who can sleep on the deck although the express keep on shaking. I still manage to take a photo and video of him, and you can see how's he 'fishing'.

*Hahaha, Adrian keep on laughing him!!!

*Sorry for the video, because I don't know how to rotate it!!

After a while on the deck, we went back to our seat inside the express. Some of us sleep and some of us watch the movie or listen to the song in their handphone. When it's around 11.30am, the express has reach Tanjung Manis. And there is still got about 2 hours to reach Sibu from here.

*This is only what we can do!!! Sleep, watch movie, listen song and take photo~~

*Jetty of Tanjung Manis

From Tanjung Manis to Sibu, the express only need to use the river route (Sungai Rajang), and it can't goes too fast to prevent accident because there is many others water transport that use the river.

*The Express goes so stable when it's using the river

*Although you stand outside the deck, you no need to hold also~~

*Here's come Titanic~~ So GAY!!!

*What a sexy boxer from Vincent!!

Before we reach reach Sibu, we can see many Timber at the side of the river. We can also see the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma San Yang when we're on our way to reach Sibu's jetty.

*Can you count how much is it??!!!

*Almost reach Sibu's jetty

*Wisma SanYan, the one behind~~

And finally we reach Sibu at around 2pm. When we're going down the express, we saw some people using the trolley to help us carry our luggage and stuff. First I though it was one of the express service, but we have to pay for it, early early scam by people when we reach there, so soi~~

*Yeah!!! We reach liaw~~

*Sibu's Jetty

*Good Bye!! Express No. 5

From this ride, I experience something which is very important. I have learned that we never try to sleep if there's still other friends who around us haven't sleep. Because......

*You will kenak kaciau by them, this is the normal only.

*The serious one, you will become Allien!!! (hahaha, this done by Lucas handphone, k770i)