Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Practice, Warm up or Entertain???

Last Saturday, I went to Soho with my friends after the Swinburne Dance Party Night. Before I reach, I went to 4 1/2 miles to meet Ah Wu for some briefing about the PIKOM PC Fair at Sibu. Ian, Lestari and Wenshi went to Soho first and when their are parking their car in front of the shop opposite Public Bank Padungan, they saw a lady dancing in front the mirror door of the massage centre. They manage to capture the video and show it to me and some friends.

Ian's them can see that she is using headset and they said that the lady will stop her dance and looking into the shop for a while before she start dancing again. Everyone who watched this video don't know why she want to dance at there but not going to Soho and Grappa. So, we just come out with a conclusion, may be she want to warm up or practice first before she went to Soho or Grappa. Or may be she is one of the service crew of the massage centre and she do all this to entertain her customer.


Anonymous said...

siaw...later they sue u ah to put this video...hahahha..

@lex said...

how to sue.... she do this in public wor~~