Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trenzcut Hair Studio

My Hair was too long and I'm also lazy to style it recently so I decided to go for a hair cut. I call my friend, Ah Tak and he ask me to go Trenzcut Hair Studio because he work at there. This saloon just opened last Monday and it located at Jalan Buit Mata, just above Piccadilly’s Music Café. If you people still don't know where is it, it is just located at the shop behind the Tapanga Car Park. So, this morning I went there with Vincent.

*Before this opened, the present shop is called Hair Do, a saloon also.

Because Ah Tak already know how to deal with my hair, so I just leave it to him and ask him do what he can do with my hair. Just that I don;t want my hair too be so short because my face is quite big and it will make my face looks bigger.

*So, how's you think about my hair??

*There is not much changes for my sideburns. I like it to be long.

*Ah Tak shorten the middle part of my layers, and he said my hair will look better with this.

For overall, I was satisfied with it. Ah Tak said that he can't do much with my hair yet because some other part of my hair is too short for styles. So, he ask me to keep my hair more longer a bit before I cut it next time so that he can do more styles with my hair. I keep this in mind and I plan to leave my hair for about 4 months to be long (if I tahan the hot weather of Kuching) before I go for the next hair cut. If not tahan, I think after 2 months then I sure go back to find him liaw.