Monday, April 14, 2008

Swinburne Student Council Installation Night 2008

The Swinburne Sarawak Student Council (SSSC) Installation Night 2008 was held on the 6th of April 2008 at Sarawak Club. I'm invited because I'm also one of the outgoing council member. But there is just 6 of us going to dinner only which is me, Eko, Ah Q, Ian, Roy, Lestari and Gabby because most of the outgoing council members are not at Kuching already.

Below is the list~~

Ah Kai - President (Swinburne Melbourne)

Eko - Vice President

Lestari - Secretary

Jeffrey - Vice Secretary (Singapore)

Adeline - Treasurer (Swinburne Melbourne)

Woon Yien - Vice Treasurer (Absent)

Siew Ching - Co. Treasurer (Swinburne Melbourne)

Committees Members:
  • Ian
  • Roy
  • @lex
  • Ah Q
  • Ang Wee Chung (Incoming Student Council President)
  • Jin Thai (Absent)
  • Irene (Absent)
  • Shu Chan (Absent)
Before the dinner start, we walk around the Sarawak Club to visit the place and took some photo.

*Chocolate Cake (We play with the cake at the end of the dinner)

*All the DA Po (male)

*Ah Q, where have you been?

*Black and White!!!

*All of us!!!

The dinner start at around 7.30pm after the arrival of Professor Helmut.

*Professor Helmut (the one in the middle)

*The SMT (Senior Management Team)

*MC of the night, Chouyin (left) and Justin (right)

The dinner start with the multimedia presentation. Next is speech given by Professor Helmut, then Eko and the last is Wee Chung (the new president).

*Everyone was watching the slideshow~

*Guess what's our Mr.Eko ?? After he said that phrase, everyone was so impressed with it.
(If you people say that Leonardo da Vinci painted Monalisa, then I will say that the student council term 2007 paint the excitement of Swinburne University during year 2007)

*Cake Cutting Ceremony, all the "dua liap" one was up there.

Now, it's the time to eat!!!! I just put some of the photo up for you people to see because if I'm scare I will eat less if I keep on photo shooting the dishes, hahahaha~~~

*This is the special dish, Dragon Boat Cold Plate!!

*These 2 dishes was SYOK also. Butter Prawn and the Scallops!!

*None of us eat these 2 dishes because everyone full already. Mix Vegetables and White Lotus Duck.

*We play with the chocolate cakes at the end of the dinner. We look so retard!!! Haha!!

Other than eat, there is also some performances and lucky draws. We only manage to get two prize during the lucky draws.

*Performances while we're eating. All of them really good in singing!!

*Draw and Draw and Draw!!!

*Ah Q and Gabby got the lucky draws.

*They get the same prize, cup and towel.

After the performances and lucky draws, it's the certificate presentation time. And you can't found Ah Q at the photo below because we went to toilet "LAO SAI" and that time.

*Gabby (left) and Eko (right)

*Lestari (left) and Ian (right)

*Me (left) and Roy (right)

*Our advisor, Mr. Fazli (left) and Mr. Augustus (right)

When we are done, it's the outgoing student council members turn. After all the certificate have been given out, they continue with the dinner and performances again. The last is the photo taking session before the dinner end.

The Incoming Student Council (Term 2008)

*The guy sitting on the left of Professor Helmut was the new president, Ang Wee Chung.

The Outgoing Student Council (Term 2007)



*Taking photo with the new advisor, Abang Zul.

Before we leave Sarawak Club, we fooling around at there before we went to Happy Valley for Wenshi's Birthday.

*Photo taken in the toilet!! 3 waiters were peeing~~

*Then, a supervisor and 3 waiters were peeing.

* OMG, my cloth want to explore liaw because I ate too much!! So fat~~

So, our term of being the Swinburne Student Council is finish already, this mean we wouldn't have so much stress because there s no more complaint from Swinburne Student to us liaw. And Swinburne Student Council term 2007 have done a great job throughout whole the year of 2007.

Swinburne Sarawak Student Council Term 2007

*Photo taken during Prom Night 2007, the guy standing at most right side is our preseident,
Mr. Law Sie Kai aka Ho Chiu Kai because he got many moustache on his face. Hahaha!!! Kai, don't smack me when you back from Melbourne wor~~


Gerard said...

Alex,a super good thread this is,I have been waiting for a long time for this thread already. Finally some news back in Kuching, can see that you guys really had fun and should have enjoyed yourselves but you had a small mistake there la. You yourself is the vice-secretary la how come say you are committee member?

@lex said...

Bo pien, the installation night is on april mah, me already fast fast uodate once i get th ephoto liaw~~ Hahaha, u is ah Kai har? Why use gerard as ur name, make me hin nia~~ Haiyo, me not officially become the vice secretary so not counted lor~~~

Anonymous said...

counted la why not counted...Gerard...change ur name la...haiya...

@lex said...

Not counted lah, me is committee nia~~ Yalah, gerard, change ur name to ah kai lah~~~

water_angel said...

Hope you had a great time that night =)