Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm so Dumb!!!

Last Friday Night, I'm supposed to go Shisha with Terence at Little Lebanon. But I got his message around 8pm that plan has been canceled. So, I direct called Ian and tell him that I'm joining them to play badminton. I reach Winners Court at about 8.30pm while Ian, Lestari, Vincent and Wenshi was at there already. I ask why they haven't start the game because they booked the 8pm court. Lestari was very angry at that time because the Tauke Nio forgot to write their booking on the whiteboard so that we can only start play at 9pm because the court is full already. So, we went to Da Jui Ba to lim teh first and go back at around 9pm. We met Jeremy at there also.

There's more than 10 years already since I last played badminton, I think it's my primary school time. I'm fell so pai seh to play because I always can't hit the ball. I really fell that I'm very DUMB. Luckily Ian teach me some technique that really helps me a lot.

*There is so many people. And I can see that everyone was so 'keng' in playing badminton.

*First match, played by the couple tag team.

*Can you see me (the one with white shirt), so DUMB lah~~

*My job is too pick ball only, hahaha~~

*Stop bullying me!! You WAIT me know how to play then you know, I sure will beat you!!!

I'm so exhausted after game because the night before this, I went to play futsal. And I have seminar and Explora Quest organized by Swinburne and ACCA on the next day. Since that day until today, my arm muscle still painful. And I'm going to Winners Court to play badminton again tonight. But I don't know my arm manage to hite the ball or not because I still can't really carry heavy things with my right arm yet. Anyway, tonight baru see how lah.