Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

The Big Apple Donuts and Coffee is now opened at The Spring. It's just between Secret Recipe and Roxy. I went to there this afternoon with Terence and Oscar. There are many people at there because today is the first day of opening. Can say 90% of the customer are choosing to take away instead of dine-in there.

*Can you see the crowd??

Terence is the big of the Big Apple Donuts, so we queue up to buy some also. We queue for about half an hour, and I can see the staff inside are so busying making the donuts. Although there are so many people queuing already, but there more and more people are coming, the queue is not ending after I leave.

* The products of Big Apple donuts and coffee. Passion (donuts), Luscious and Alluring (drinks)

*There are 23 kind of donuts sold in Big Apple!!
But I think there is still some donuts that they didn't put in this pictures.

The price for the donuts is
  • 6 pieces in 1 box, RM12
  • 12 pieces in 1 box, RM22
  • 12 pieces in 2 box, RM24
  • 1 pieces, Rm2.30
Behind the Scene, you can see how the process donuts.

*Fried the donuts~~

*Get it out from the fried machine

*Adding the topping~~

*It's ready!!!

Terence bought 12 pieces of donuts while me and Oscar just bought 6 pieces each.

*Terence, the big fan of Big Apple Donuts

*This is mine, can you spot the different?? (I can't really decide which topping I want??)

*My final decisions
(From top left: Mango Tango, Choreo, California Almond, Say Cheese, Snowy and BlueBerry!!!)

We accompany Oscar to eat inside because he still haven't eat her lunch yet. Hahaha, he manage to finish 6 donuts in about 10 minutes.

*Terence (left) and Oscar (right)

*The packaging. There is 2 kind of it, the 6 pieces and the 12 pieces packaging.

*For know more about Big Apple Donuts and Coffee, please visit the website.


jimmychin said...

wahseh.. so nice..i wan go buy...

@lex said...

hahaha, yaya!! It's delicious also~~ FAst fast go thr and try it!!!

annna said...

ish.. i queue up till dulan. Next mth baru go. Wait the crowd calm down sin. Hahaha...

@lex said...

(annna) hahaha, last nite when i'm at spring, there's still a lot of people queuing for the donuts. Hope this situation fast fast end, coz I also queue until pek cek at the 1st day.

Anonymous said...

haiya...too bad...cannot eat the donut from "ho sim" people...

@lex said...

Wah, need to suan me or not, me punteng is ho xim de, just tat u not at school tat time, so how i giv it to u~~