Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy Holiday

Haihzzz.. Still thought that got time to blog during my holiday, manatau I start work on the next day after my final exam. Everyday work from 11am to 10pm, really don't have extra time for online and blogging. At first, the job I work now is to promote celcom business plan at Boulevard Kuching until end of this month, but tomorrow I have to go Sibu for 9 days for the same things. So, will be back to Kuching on 5th or 6th of July. After that, still got the Rainforest event, I have to go there for the same thing also.
What to do, if I didn't earn money in this holiday, I only can eat "grass" when I go KK. Hopefully my salary is enough for me to spend in KK. If can, hope can save some into my bank account also. After KK trip, new semester start, it's time to chiong again!!!