Friday, June 20, 2008

Final Exam is Over!!!

Finally, I have finish my final exam yesterday, it's time for me to start relax, but I start my work tday which is being the celcom promoter at bouelevard until end of this month. Although there is no time for me to have some rest but I can use this chance to earn some money for my KK trip. I 'm going KK from 22nd - 26th of July, but it's all depends on my final exam result. The result will be out on 18th of July and the resit date will be at 24th - 26th of July, hopefully I woundn't have to resit for any subjects. For the four subjects that I took this semester, I really don't have any confident on Marketing Planning. But I think I can pass my Internet and WWW2, Marketing Research and Multimedia Application. If I'm going to resit my Marketing Planning, then I have cancel my KK trip study again the week before the new semester start. So, what I hope now is I can pass my Marketing Planning, if not then just repeating this subject but not resit for this subject.