Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Half of year 2008 is gone!!!

New semester has started again and it's time to study again. Luckily I just fail 1 subject which is Marketing Planning last semester, but this is what I expected already. So, I will repeat this subject on this semester together with another 3 subjects which is 3D Animation and Special Effects, E-Business and User Experience Design. That's mean, I just have two final exam for this semester because 3D and User Experience Design is coursework based.

When this new semester start, I realised that half of year 2008 is gone already, although the time have passed so fast but at least I can still manage to done most of the things that I planned during the beginning on this year. So, for this semester, hope that it will be same like last semester, everything that have been planned can be completed and done on time.

So, starting from this week, I will going to update many of my post during holidays once I have finish resizing and editing all the photos. What I'm going to post about the activities during my holidays are~~
  • Sibu Trip (Part 2)
  • Rainforest Music Festival
  • Paint Ball (2 post)
  • KK Trip (Around 2 to 3 post)
Sorry for making everyone here wait so long for my new post. I'm now trying my best to get the photo done and start post it up one by one. Thanks for always coming to my blog!!!