Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Trip to release stress before final exam

This post is about my 2 days 1 night trip at Permai to release stress 1 week before my final exam. I went there with all my scout buddies (Jeremy, Ah Choi, Ah Ong, Terence and Alvin) on the afternoon. We reach there around 2pm and it's the time for us to check in the long house.

*Jeremy, my best buddy~~

*Ah Choi, just came back for holiday from KL~~

*This one we call him Tua Pao Ong because he always bluffing~~

So, can you guess what we doing once we reach our room?? From the photo above, you can see that everyone have already position themselves, that's just for 1 reason~~~ It's time to play MAHJONG!!!!

*This is how we position our bed and table we carried from outside!!

*It's MAHJONG time!!!

*Everyone was so concentrate in playing this!!

Ya, there's still 2 person that I haven't introduce. One is my another buddy, Terence who also came back from Malacca for holidays. Another one is Alvin Tang, he is also a scout but he's lazy all the time unless he's doing scout things.

*This is Terence, my buddy also. Don't play play ah, he's a pilot now, second officer of MAS Wings.

*No need I say you people also know he is Alvin, lazy chin ah!!! Come here to sleep nia~~

After our mahjong match, the time is around 4.30 pm, and this is the time another group of our friends reach here. They are Ah Jong, Pin Wei, Kian Wang and Yong Siang. While waiting everyone taking bath, some of us who already taken our bath went for a walk at Permai Beach and Damai Puri. And I'm taking some photo from the lobby corridor of Damai Puri.

*The view of Damai Puri beach.

*Damai Puri Swimming Pool.

*It's almost the time to look at the sunset.

Around 6pm, we went to Buntal to have our dinner. I already forget which the restaurant that we go but the price was reasonable and the food taste very nice also. Especially the seasoned jelly fish. There are 11 of us, and everyone just pay less than Rm15 for the food and drinks.

*Everyone was so hungry while waiting for the food.

*This is what I mentioned about, the delicious Seasoned Jelly Fish.

*Cangkuk Manis, everyone was so kin teo to get it because of too hungry.

*Lemon Chicken.

*Butter Chicken.

*Oyster Omelet, my favourite.

We finished our dinner at around 8pm and we bought some "drinks" from the restaurant for our night. Without the drinks which is also our friend, "HEINEKEN", it would be a boring night. So, it's important for us to remember to "ta pao" our friend back to Permai. But not all of us overnight at there, Ah Ong, Ah Ong's GF and Terence went back home after the dinner. So, just left 8 of us at Permai.

*Although we just bought 1 crate, but it's better than zero!!

*Just a few cups, Ah Jong give up already.

Some of them (Ah Jong, Pin Wei, Yong Siang, Kian Wang) get on bed early after we finished the Heineken while me, Jeremy, Ah Choi and Alvin drove along the way down to Open Air Market to have our supper and then drove back to Permai again. Everyone woke up around 11am at the next day morning, and we just directly checked out after we packed our things and go back to Kuching. This is really a nice trip to release my stress before the final exam.


amieymisme said...

wow!! you're a scout???
hows damai...? is it good?
overall good?
i am thinking on doing trip for my classmates after the great exam... SPM...
it is to release tension after exam...
em... the pic of omelet looks nice... it makes my stomach goes hungry now...

@lex said...

(amieymisme) Ya, i'm a scout since i'm in form 1 till now~~ Damai is quite ok lah, other than damain, u can also go lundu or semantan beach for to relax after ur SPM~~

amieymisme said...

which scout's group are u in?
mana la tau kenal...hehehehe
thnks for the sugggestion...
i might wnat to go to the palm beach at the sematan...
but thats too far..huhuhuhuh

@lex said...

I'm from kuching high schout, 05th kuching~~ Oh, palm beach is a nice place also, the view there is so nice~~

amieymisme said...

im from the 32th....
matang groupy....hehehehe
have been there....
but not sure yet its beter for the genk's trip...huhuhuhuhu