Thursday, July 19, 2007

721 Kuching Bloggers' Meet

For everyone who see this, please be noticed that there will be a gathering for Kuching Bloggers' on this Saturday, 21st July 2007 at Bestberry Cafe which located near Petanak, the time is from 3p.m. to 6p.m.~~ For reminder, everyone have to pay their own drinks and food, this is not a free event~~ For those who interested, please leave a message to Jimmy, the organizer so that he knows who's going~ Cya all!! Hope that I can go~~~


jimmychin said...

Thanks for coming. :)

Beck Lim said...

我家附近倒是有一条叫:JALAN KUCING的~

miChi3 said...

recently banyak blogger's gathering ler..
hehe..come come..share the photos!

@lex said...

(jimmychin)hahaha, welcome~~ it's great~~ (beck lim)hahaha!!! If got chance then come kuching~~ (michie)yalor, but west malaysia got more than here~~