Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Swinburne Night

The 2007 Swinburne Night was held on 28th of April 2007, I wanted to post this a long time ago but the photo was lost together with my pendrive, I just manage to get the photo again recently~~ So, just back to the past, hahaha~~~

The objective of this event is~~

1. To let the freshmen and senior to get to know each other and making the freshmen university life more exciting and fun.

2. To let the freshmen and the senior to perform their talents either in singing, dancing or playing musical instruments.

The tickets was done by me and the organizing chairman, Mr. Eko~~

*Our organizing chairman, Mr. Eko

Theme of the event : It starts tonight

Below are the sponsors of this event~~

*Company which sponsor us the banner for that night

*Akira sushi sponsor us the sushi for the event~~

*Thyme's sponsor us the voucher that we used as price for our activities~~

Any of our Swinburne student can have discount while spending at these two restaurant!!!

There's a lots of activities at that night, below are some of the photos~~

*MC of the night, Mr. Jeffrey and Miss. Irene

*Our guest performer, Hazard Minor

*Their shuffle performance is the first performance

*Second performance, cosplay from anime and manga club

*Everyone love it~~

*Buffet dinner start

*Nomination of Beauty King and Handsome Queen

*Beauty King and Handsome Queen of the night

*Although there is many bands perform at that night, but the 'Silent Mode' win with their "How do I live without you"

*The song 'It's end tonight' by our stundent council president, Mr. Law Sie Kai (middle)

*The girl with white shirt, Adeline is the one who playing drums set (previous photo)

*Closing performance from Hazard Minor

*Photo taking section with Anime and Manga club~~

Here's some of the video clip for that night~~

Cosplay form Swinbunre Anime and Manga Club

Hazard Minor

Silent Mode "How Do I live Without You"

It ends tonight by SSSC (Swinburne Sarawak Ctudent Council)
This event was successfully held and it will be organize again next year~~


=jaecywong= said...

oOoooOooo so happening man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@lex said...

What so happening?? =p

aDeL said...

so happening means "re nao"...get it??

@lex said...

ic, hahaha~~ Soli, my ang mo not so 'deng'~~

jimmychin said...

i went to this swinburne night leh...
u saw me? wakakkaaa

@lex said...

(jimmychin)ya, i think i got saw u in some of the photo~~~