Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BBQ again!!!!

Last Saturday Night, I go Lucas house to BBQ for celebrating Lucas brother's gf (Enid) birthday~~ Me, Vincent, Steven, is the first who arrive there by bringing some "drinks". Like this kind of event, we sure got prepare 'sam chan bak' and the 'drinks'.

*Chicken Wing & 'Sam Chan Bak'

*This is our drinks!!!

Everytime we BBQ, everyone of us love the "BELACAN" that made by Lucas's father. Two of our friend, Frederick & Ah Siaw sweat when eating the belacan, they said it's very "SONG" and they just keep eating although it was so spicy.

*Here's the "BELACAN"

*Ah Siaw : "Wah, high lah!!!"

*Frederick is sweating because of the belacan~~

Btw, that day is also one of my best friend, Terence birthday~~ He's now at Malacca studying to be a pilot, so we can't celebrate his birthday in Kuching. Just wish that he can get his pilot license at end of this year and come back here faster~~

Happy Birthday to Terence