Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kuching Bloggers' Meet

Last Saturday, I went to Bestberry Cafe for the Kuching Bloggers' Meet. I arrived there quite late because I went to the scout band training at Kuching High school. Luckily many of them are still there when i reach there. I saw Jimmy, Irene, Anna, Ben, Pazuzu, Allen, Ehon, Adrian, Angel, Ah Boa and Alwyn. This is the first time I meet all the bloggers except Ben, Angel and Pazuzu because I saw them before. I just take one photo only because I arrived the late and miss out some interesting part.

*(Standing)From the left: Pazuzu, Allen, Anna & Angel
*(Sitting)From the left: Adrian, Ben, Jimmy, Irene

If you people want to see more interesting photo and know more about this bloggers' meet, you can click the bloggers below to read their post~~~

Anna (:+: Kuching Advertlets Bloggers Meet :+:)

And we really want to thanks Advertlets for the sponsor of our drinks and food that total cost of about RM75~~

Ya, guess what? When many of us are going to leave, we saw kenny sia. I think he's coming to have his dinner. Some of us stay at there to chit chatting with him, we leave at about 6.30p.m. I'm so regret that I arrived there so late and miss out some interesting part. Can't wait for the next bloggers' meet that Jimmy said it will probably at august or september.